Buried in sweet translucent purple onions, sauteed in coconut oil no less are these petite nuggets of creamy goodness - liver is a super food from way back. 200, 000 years ago paleo man risked his life to get liver and other nutrient rich organ meats from large game instead of just eating rabbits - why? Because he knew what we have largely forgotten - organ meats are so nutritious that we need them on our plate each week. 

This simple recipe takes no time at all and will surprise you with how delicious it turns out...


    • liver from grass fed beef, bison, venison or chickens
    • medium red onion
    • coconut oil
    • flour or corn meal
    • salt and pepper


    1. fillet the liver into 2'x2" pieces
    2. cook onions in coconut oil, set aside
    3. dredge liver fillets in flour / corn meal
    4. saute in coconut oil, under cook - you want it pink inside
    5. make small batches - better right out of skillet vs left over