Oatmeal is such an awesome breakfast, it can be made ahead of time and heated in a jiffy. Skip the mushy gruel and make steel cut oats instead. Their sweet chewy goodness will win you over while there high fiber, low glycemic load and gut friendly / immune enhancing prebiotics will have your body thanking you profusely. 


    • Steel Cut Oats - Bob's Red Mill organic or similar
    • 2 tbs raisins
    • 1 tbs butter - grass fed / pastured
    • 1 tbs molasses
    • 3 tbs nuts


    1. Bring 1200 ml water to a boil - 500ml, 400ml, 300ml of water
    2. Bring only water to a boil
    3. Add 400 ml oats, reduce heat to 4
    4. Simmer on 4 stirring occasionally
    5. Ready in 15-20 min under cook it, stopping once most water is absorbed