Sure, we are salmon purists but like all animal protein, quality really counts when it comes to eating stuff that eats other stuff.

Wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Never farm raised, never. Frozen, not fresh. Unless of course you live in a port town in Alaska, Washington or Oregon. Enjoy friends.

Mediterranean Salmon

Oven at 375

Wild Alaskan Salmon filets
Small heirloom cherry tomatoes
Scallions or small onion minced
Black olives
White cooking wine
Salt n pepper
3 pats of butter

Tomatoes placed in bottom of glass baking dish
Set fillets on top of tomato base
Add wine and other ingredients
Cover with foil
Aprox 20 min at 375 - under cook it


Blackberry Mustard Salmon

Wild Alaskan salmon fillets
Stone ground mustard
Fresh blackberries

Cover salmon in mustard sauce
Broil in oven
Gently smash blackberries in a bowl, add molasses and top the salmon during it's last minute under the heat