Oh man, this is crazy stupid easy and oh so good. Stir fry is a textbook healthy and flavor filled meal in a saute pan. Super flexible - hit the farmers market, buy what's in season and fresh and make this dish your very own. 

w2e Stir Fry template

Wild caught tuna / Alaskan salmon / pastured organic chicken / beans - Cook it the day prior

Coconut oil or olive oil

Garlic - 4 big cloves. 
Red onion, chopped, saute
Santa fe pepper flakes
Sesame seeds
Optional - Ginger and turmeric

Greens - Bok Choi or beet greens - chopped, saute
Beet - cooked and sliced
Carrots - peeled and sliced
Red pepper, chopped, saute
Water chestnuts, drained
Shiitake mushrooms, sliced
Sweet potatoes - cubed, boiled lightly

Peanut butter, Miran or soy sauce, miso paste, maple syrup


Cook It

Mince garlic, let stand 10 min, gently saute  

Mix up sauce, simmer a sauce pan for 5 on low heat.

Saute all veggies, lightly, leave the crunch

Combine all. Top with peanuts or cashews, eat, tweak, repeat - you own this !