Breakfast need not revolve around eggs and eggs need not be limited to just breakfast. You are hereby freed Spartan, proceed forth with great creativity and vigor. Just one rule, never eggs without veggies, lots O veggies! Now on you go !

w2e Omelette Template

Eggs - from pasture raised, moved daily poultry
Lentils - precooked

Olive oil, coconut oil or a slice of traditional bacon from pastured hogs

Greens - sauteed Spinach, kale, chard
Peppers - sauteed sweet bell pepper

Cherry Tomatoes - slice and sautee

Broccoli - leftover, gently steamed
Olives - greek, Black
Mushrooms - sauteed shiitake


Raw milk Euro style cheese from grass fed animals. 

Garlic, shallot / onion - sauteed
Spice - Santa Fe Caribe pepper flakes, salt, pepper

Cook It up...

Mince garlic and let stand for 10 min for maximum nutrition
Sauté onions, greens and veggies on low heat - just a bit
Sauté garlic
Add eggs and remaining stuff. 

*Always make a double,  put half in a glass container, into fridge - tomorrow, you eat well young Spartan