Nuts and seeds

Crunchy nutty full flavor good fat hunger killers oh yeah


Nuts and seeds

Crunchy nutty full flavor good fat hunger killers oh yeah

Nuts and Seeds - good fats, flavor too

Wonderful as snacks and accents to a huge variety of foods. Nuts got hammered for a while as part of an anti fat hysteria. If they are properly sourced nuts and seeds feel like a real indulgence when actually they are packed with nutrition. Just eat them within a smart overall diet and enjoy the good fats and hearty flavor they offer up.


Pecans - buy raw, organic. Good on yogurt with fruit, salads, fish, you name it.

Almonds - raw, organic. Great snacks for the car.

Cashews - awesome in Asian stir fry with veggies and soy sauce. 

Macadamia - high in omega 3 fatty acids, with 80% dark chocolate makes a killer dessert, yummy good stuff. 

Hazelnuts - tasty on acorn squash. 

Pistachios - nutritious, buy raw though vs super salty packaged brand.

Pumpkin Seeds - also called pepitas. These are so good on soups and salads.

Sunflower seeds - ditto! Buy raw.

Chia seeds - add crunch and awesome omega 3s to your meals with chia seeds. 

Flax seed - ground flax seed tastes nutty and adds much needed fiber to most many a dish. Add a tablespoon to your oatmeal, baked goods or protein shake and get extra fiber boost - your microbiome will thank you. 


Walnuts - the fats in walnuts are pretty unstable and thus more likely to go rancid. All good, just be sure to buy fresh, bagged and keep them in the fridge.

Pine Nuts - toasted and added to most any dish. 

Almond or Sunflower Seed butter - better than peanut butter but packed with calories so go easy. Buy natural brand made from just nuts, no added sugar or other oils. 

Peanut butter - buy the one ingredient kind - peanuts. Ok, maybe two ingredients, some salt too but no added oils or sugar.


Add ons - canned mixed nuts - added unhealthy oils, added sugar or added cheap refined salt. All are to avoided. 

Supermarket bulk bins - exposure to air can hurt a nuts nutrition - buy in sealed plastic bags for freshness. 

Store bought peanut butter. Added sugar and added cheap oils. Choose almond or sunflower seed butters instead. 

Old Stuff

Lots of nuts and seeds and old, they look fine but can have been picked years ago. Seek out fresh sources, like a farmer who sells direct. 

Enjoy some nuts and seeds each and every day

go Nuts

A Better Snack is Hard to Find

go Nuts

A Better Snack is Hard to Find

A Healthy Alternative

Nuts and seeds contain healthy omega 3 fats and of course are bursting with flavor. Yes, they pack a lot of calories, but as a snack replacement that edges chips and other junk food off your plate they are a hands down winner. 


Buy them raw / unroasted and always in sealed plastic bags. Get the freshest nuts you can find, go online if necessary. To save money buy 1-5 lbs bags.

Pass up the bulk bin nuts as these are exposed to air which can degrade the nuts natural oils. Skip nuts with added salt, roasted in cheap oils and laden with cheap refined salt. Sorry Planters corporation. 

Buy top notch raw nuts and seeds raw HERE or HERE


Many people will soak RAW nuts overnight in water with a pinch of salt. Then into a 150 degree oven until very dry. Salt and bag. It's a learned skill but smart authors like Sally Fallon say it's worth it. 

Alternatively you can just buy "sprouted nuts" and get the improved bioavailability that way.



The evidence of health benefits from nuts and seeds is so strong that even the FDA says eat up. Specifically 1.5 oz a day may reduce heart disease risk. Nuts also contain nitric oxide, better performance by candle light guys. 

And the FDA faves? Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts 

Seeds are awesome too, great nutrition plus they can jazz up a salad, soup or loaf of fresh baked bread. Always have several kinds on hand. 

Match Game

Working out a lot? Need fat in your diet to reach your calorie goals because lean meat and lots of veggies aren't enough?

Add nuts to most anything - breakfast oatmeal, lunch time salads, on your fruit and yogurt dessert, in your car as a snack. A diet of 40% fat is good for us, as long as it's all good fat, like nuts and seeds.