Welcome to What to Eat. Full disclosure - unlike most websites we are not here to make a buck or even a dime. Giving away the information you need to improve your health and that of your family is our sole obsession.

The upcoming book and documentary - those will be money makers, at least that's the plan. This site however is our gift to you. It's a gift of good health, one you and your whole family richly deserve.

To inspire and inform those who seek wellness - that's our mantra and our mission. This is a labor of love, a chance to hopefully give back in some small but meaningful way.


Bonus Time. You can help save the environment. Thats not our goal here but if you decide to source good food from your local small farmer, rancher or fisherman - you will be helping the environment.

Traditional grass fed cattle are actually good for our soil, water and air. They don't create sewage lagoons, they fertilize fields of tall green grass. Same with pastured chickens and pork. Veggies grown with minimal chemicals in rich composted soils - thats a good thing too.

You can be kind to animals? Visit a small local farm and you'll see happy animals living out their lives in humane conditions just as nature intended. 

You can support economic justice? Buy food directly from the farmer you will save money while improving the farmers bottom line as well. Only Food Inc loses in this new post industrial food economy. 

Isn't it nice when all the arrows point the same direction. You get to eat better and feel good about your choices too.