Gone Fishing

Fish, especially well sourced fish is the consensus choice / best protein you can eat. 

Fish from clean waters, wild caught / never farm raised and high in Omega 3s - that's the good stuff. Here's where I currently buy my fish...

#1 Wild caught salmon from Alaska. Tony and his crew do it right; fish for 4-6 hrs, fillet, vacuum seal and flash freeze. They ship anywhere, your foam cooler full of salmon fillets on dry ice is shipped two day air and arrives hard as a rock.  Makes sense to order a lot so that the shipping cost is spread over more pounds of fish. Call a few friends, do a group order - they'll thank you when they see and taste this crimson red buttery salmon.

#2 Lake Trout from Canada. Light flaky tender lake trout, relatively high in omega 3s. My source also sells walleye which is the best I have ever had. Same shipping and economies of scale apply here.

#3 Another great source is a family run fishing coop out of Golds Beach Oregon, Fisherman Direct. They catch and stock a big variety - tuna, halibut, flounder, shrimp, scallops etc. All sourced from clean waters and shipped frozen. Great way to get a big variety in one shipment.

Lastly, if buying clean protein like fish in bulk makes sense then having a chest freezer in the basement does too. Especially when you can get a nice 7 cubic ft unit delivered to your door for about $250 via Amazon. It only costs $35 per year to run and provides you the convenience of always having clean protein ready to rock any time of year regardless of the season. 



Dr Katz on Consensus

Dr David Katz is a world renowned nutrition expert and author of Disease Proof available here . In this presentation Dr Katz reviews the Paleo diet amongst others and finds a healthy consensus we can all benefit from. 



The Need

What I have seen this past year.... Pain, fear, lives being turned upside down. Waiting rooms overflowing, anxious couples holding hands. Parents with young children worried and waiting  Adult children holding elderly parents too. And despite all the care that’s offered, It’s hell and nobody gets through it without paying a steep price. And those are the lucky ones.


Only one year ago I was right there with them. I swore that if i was lucky enough to make it out I would dedicate the rest of my life to helping others stay well and avoiding my ordeal. I would use my limited talents, resources and all that I had learned to inform and inspire those who seek wellness. I would help people not only save themselves but to also save the ones they love.


And that's how What to Eat came to be. Yes it’s pretty, positive and practical. But what people who have seen it really connect with is that it’s personal and authentic - it’s my story. An average guy who gets cancer, gets well and sets off on a search for the wholesome delicious food that can keep him well. It’s that journey that resonates with people everywhere. Sick or healthy, they really do want to know just what should they eat.

So here we are March 9th. The pilot has been shot and the spring planting season is coming fast. Myself and my crew stand ready, willing and able to shoot season one, we know how to do that and are eager to dive in. But we can’t move forward without help / guidance / collaboration.