Well this will likely get me run out of town by angry moms but heres goes...

Your kids are overscheduled. They are too busy with too many activities. And silly because they have a whole lifetime ahead of them for fun activities with friends. The time you have with them is short, soon they we will have flown the nest, now is your chance to teach them critical life skills and bond with them while you do it. 

And what better way to bond than the family kitchen. You can start with a new tradition, a big family dinner every Sunday eve. Be a grown up, wall it off, make it sacred and then get cooking. But not alone, each week involve the kids, from recipe planning, food shopping to cooking it all up together. 

The results will be a fine family meal, everyone at one table talking about the week passed and the one ahead - a time of true connection. Beyond that though, you will be passing on critical life skill to your kids - how to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Is there really any better gift you could give them? And it sure beats driving all over town rushing from thing to another. They can do that themselves once they get their license. For now though, its your time together - make the most of it, cook together - your kids will thank you for it someday.