Cheeseburger, fries and a soda please...

Oh the lust and the guilt that sweeps over us just hearing those words let alone actually downing a Big Mac, Coke and fries. It's the textbook example of an unhealthy trainwreck of a meal.

The good news is you can rewind the clock to a simpler time, a time before Food Inc f@#%ed it all up , a time when this American classic was a wholesome and healthy meal. 

Here's how...

Step 1 - Bake a sweet potato, hell bake three. I always have several in the fridge rebaked and ready to rock. Slice it longways into fries. Grease a cookie sheet with coconut oil, lay on the fries, broil on high, flip them a few times, get um all slippery and oil up, cook until a few brown edges appear, just a minute or two on each side. Salt with chunky himalayan pink sea salt.

Step 2 - Saute some sweet red onions in olive oil, then shiitake mushrooms, then a 1/4 lbs patty of bison or grass fed beef. Add slices of real hard cheese made from grass fed cows milk - infinitely better nutrition than plastic wrapped "american cheese" crap. 

Step 3 - Toast a slice of stone ground multi grain bread from your local artisan baker. Sure that dude is kinda weird but hey, his bread rocks. Dab it with a hunk of grass fed butter like Kerrygold. Way better than a white flour bun slathered in industrial oils. 

Step 4 - Reach in the fridge and pour a cold glass of the original soda pop - Kombucha. Fizzy and shyly sweet Kombucha is all natural and chock full gut balancing bugs that power your immune system unlike Coke which is full of sugar that turns straight into belly fat. 

Step 5 - Throw in some apple pie, recipe here. It's only got 1/3 cup of sugar and tastes amazing!

Chow down my brother. Cherish one of the joys of American manhood. And then, after you have put your dishes away and cleaned up the mess you made in the kitchen, get your ass to the gym.

Thats right, if you are gonna eat like Spartacus you gotta train like Spartacus. So pack your sweats and head that way, don't worry, I'll spot you bro.