There are no awesome studies that prove GMO crops are bad for us. On the flip side; who would pay for those? Who would defend against the lawsuit cascade that would follow? Who stands to benefit from showing GMO to be terrible for our health - nobody. Who stands to benefit from GMOs dominating - several multi billion dollar companies.

So are GMOs bad? I don't know. Conceptually it looks like "oh here we go again" with mankind screwing with nature and paying a steep price.

GMO Rodeo

And ever wonder where most GMO wheat winds up? As flour in processed foods and restaurant foods. Cookies, cakes, baked goods, crackers, bread, pasta - many folks now avoid all prepared / boxed foods skipping the white flour, trans fats and GMOs. 

Most GMO grain though gets fed to animals stuck in confinement feedlots. Skip the cheap meat and skip the GMOs. 

The good news is that if you avoid processed foods - restaurant or store bought foods like baked goods, bread, pasta, buns, cakes, cookies, crackers, cereal etc - you avoid GMOs. If you avoid cheap meat fed GMO grain you are good there too.

It's a beautiful world, eat healthy and skip the GMOs.