1. Getting overwhelmed - Food and nutrition can quickly feel overwhelming, you can get discouraged and suddenly beer and Oreos look tempting. Deep breath, each small step you take in the right direction is a win. Keep moving forward, you got this.  

  2. Buying into the PHD myth - No need for a lab coat and a degree in nutrition science, who has time for that. No need to know the nutrient count of every food. Just eat real food, food that your great grandma would recognise, buy it and cook it yourself and you’ll be on your way.

  3. Watching the news - This week eggs are good, next week they are bad. Hmmmm, it’s almost like they just want you to tune in each day, like they only care about eyeballs and ad revenue and not your families health. Don’t look to the media or the “news” as your source for objective info on healthy eating.

  4. Thinking good food is only for the rich and famous - Nope, that’s BS. Grow a garden. Cook at home. Beans, greens, cornbread and some chicken are way more healthy than piles of feedlot meat, boxed food and eating out.

  5. The organic or starve mentality - Eating real whole food, including lots of vegetables and fruits - that’s top priority. If you can find and afford organic well then great. Regardless - eat real foods, the benefits vastly outway any chemicals.

  6. Calling it breakfast - That can get you boxed in and marketers of junk food know it. They sell cookies and crap cereal as “breakfast” but don’t fall for it. Instead call it “my healthy first meal of the day” and suddenly you are free to choose better more wholesome food that powers you right into a productive day.

  7. The siren song of perfection - don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Incremental steps in the right direction are way better. Add veggies to your morning eggs making it a nutritious and delicious omelette - thats a win! Add blueberries to your yogurt - you win again.

  8. Mixing food with politics - you vote with your fork 3 times each day and that’s a vote that really counts. What you buy sends a powerful market signal up through the food chain. The grocer orders more grass fed beef, the farmer plants more greens, the kombucha isle expands, the soda isle shrinks. Your choices trigger real change

  9. Trying to solve all of the world’s problems - Start by taking care of yourself and those you love. The environment, animal welfare, our messed political system - they will all be made better off by your very smart buying and cooking choices.

  10. All or nothing thinking - you don’t have to buy a farm, do back breaking labor to harvest veggies or milk a cow. No need to live in a cave and hunt big game each morning. It’s easy to get great food direct from farmers, ranchers and fisherman without ever getting your hands dirty or breaking a sweat. It's helps our farmers too.