Cheers! Let's raise a glass and toast your good health



Cheers! Let's raise a glass and toast your good health


For millions of years there was only water to drink. As a result the human brain trouble tracking calories that come in liquid form. That makes sugary drinks a problem. The blood sugar spikes that accompany those calories, well that's a problem too. 

While the healthy beverage universe may be small thankfully it is full of flavor and punch.

Best bets


The grand daddy of soda pop, unlike Coke traditional Kombucha is indeed "the real thing". It's very good for you and tastes great - lightly fruity, lots of bubbles too. Loaded with probiotics and available at most grocery stores. You can even make it yourself.


Oh how they have tried to dig up some dirt on coffee but guess what, it's really good stuff so have a cup or two just watch what you add to it.

Green Tea  

Matcha, Gykuro, etc. Tea is almost a health food supplement with centuries of use and great results. Arbor Tea online is a great place to buy good tea.


Good clean water has been our number one beverage since day one. Consider a home reverse osmosis system for superior drinking water. 

Flavored Water

Add fruit and or herbs to water. Try my fave Holy basil, cucumber, an orange slice and a touch of honey - refreshing!


My fave - kefir, berries and whey. Just watch the sugar. More of a meal than a drink.


Red Wine

A glass of red wine each day is great - as long as it's consumed with a meal, not alone on an empty stomach. the difference is a pronounced blood sugar spike. 


Same rules apply, 1 a day with a meal. Craft beer that's unpasteurized is best.

Adult Beverages Caveat

1 drink per day, 3 days a week, with a meal. That's way better than 3 drinks in a row Friday eve.  

Tap Water

Contains fluoride, chemicals, etc. Reverse osmosis filtration is best. 


Soda - well duh
The blood sugar surge followed by the body's desperate attempts to to store those calories as fat, the complete lack of any nutrition. Soda is right down there with cigarettes.

Diet Soda - surprise
Those artificial sweeteners are being linked to killing off beneficial gut bugs you need to stay healthy. Maybe that explains why diet soda drinkers often gain as much weight as regular soda-holics.

Fruit Juice - huge surprise.

Skip the fruit juice - it's often highly concentrated and loaded with plain old sugar.

Who needs a blood sugar spike from a highly processed derivative like juice when the real thing is right there on your countertop.  Eat real whole fresh fruit instead.


Sorry well funded Dairy Council. Unless you are a toddler and the milk you drink comes from your mom's breast ( which we highly recommend by the way ) skip the milk. Cow, goat, soy, nut - see Dairy, skip the milk. 

Sports Drinks

Useful only if your workout is intense and 90 minutes or more. just as bad as soda otherwise. Fun fact - your body won't burn fat if it has sugar from a sports drink to burn instead. Oh and they are bad for your teeth too. Unless you are an elite athlete skip the Gatorade. 

Bottled Water - any heat releases bad chemicals from plastic bottles into the water contained within. Bring your own water bottle.

The word is out, diet soda is bad news


A closer look


A closer look


Kombucha, now there is an exotic sounding beverage name, what's that??? It's a tangy bubbly drink, flavorful and full of bugs - really good ones. kombucha is full of "live probiotics" like yogurt or homemade slaw. It's the "real thing" because it was the original soda pop, just a hint of sweetness in kombucha and almost no calories - it's all natural, available at your grocery store or you can DIY it at home.

Awesome stuff but if you buy store bought just double check the label - it should have almost no added sugar. A few companies feel the need to sweeten it post fermentation - an unnecessary and unhealthy step you can easily avoid. 

Coffee and Tea

Tea is another food that borders on medicine. The long list of health benefits makes it a worldwide fave. Check out Arbor teas here and order some today.

Coffee, the long suspected bad boy turns out to be super healthy too confirming its timeless and universal status as part of waking up all over the globe.

Adult Beverages

There are lots of "buts" when it comes to alcohol. Yes it relieves stress and helps us relax into social situations which reduce stress and can make us all seem more interesting at a party but... 

Alcohol packs a big glycemic spike unless dampening by food. Besides only consuming with a meal the other caveat is to limit the total amount one consumes to a drink a day. No more six packs with the boys after work on fridays, at least not for health reasons. 

Wine and spirits are one of those areas where many health nut holier than thou folks go astray. Yes it's fun but...

Water Done Up Right

We all know bottled water is an environmental disaster but nutritionally it's bad as well with chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles. And tap water, whether from municipal sources or a well both have issues ranging from chlorine to nasty farm chemicals. 

A healthy alternative is an in home reverse osmosis filtration unit. For aprox $350 you and your family can screen out all the bad stuff and enjoy crisp clean drinking water.