We're sorry Mr Kiger, it's cancer...

I was an Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker - busy and ambitious just like you. Then a deadly cancer came out of nowhere and threatened to end it all. That set me off on a journey to learn all about all the foods that best support optimal health and wellness.

Toady, grateful to be healthy and healed I dedicate my days to sharing what I learned. So how can I be of service to you and those you love? What are your health challenges? Your wellness goals?

Know that our wise culinary traditions are here for you. They offer delicious “comfort food” bursting with flavor and max nutrition. Skip the expensive pills, potions, powders. Say no to the wacky fad diets, counting calories or eating stuff that tastes like crap - you know stuff doesn’t work.

Maybe you have had a few setbacks of your own. All that matters is if you are ready for your own comeback - if so, this is your call to quest. And don’t wait for Food Inc, Big Gov or late night TV infomercials to come to your rescue - they don't give a damn about you or your family.

The good news is that You have everything you need today, right now right here. I came back from cancer and comfort foods packed with flavor and nutrition were my secret weapon.

Reclaim what is rightfully yours, get empowered and write your own comeback story - it all starts with What to Eat.


I will never forget that day 

"We're sorry Mr Kiger, it's cancer... and it's serious."  Like millions who receive such a diagnosis each year I was in shock. Cancer? Me? But I have family and a career. 

Then it got real. "We can do surgery and give you these new drugs - but we only save about 4 out every 10 patients, the rest die pretty quick." Talk about a wake up call. My world came to an abrupt halt and then accelerated toward light speed. 

What could I do to improve my odds of survival and maybe even reclaim my good health? I sure didn't have a PHD or an MD so I wasn't going to invent some new drug or medical procedure.

So I set out to learn everything there is to know about achieving optimal health and wellness. I read every book, every medical journal article. I even interviewed experts, it helps to be a documentary filmmaker. 

I was Overfed and Undernourished

I was surprised to find that like most Americans despite my smug attitude I actually had a pretty crappy diet. And that SAD or Standard American Diet is directly linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and yes even cancer.

I also learned that by just controlling 5 lifestyle factors we can all reduce our risk of illness by a whopping 80%. Man I wished I someone would have told me a long time ago. 

My Mission Moving Forward

I achieved my goal against very long odds. and what I learned I am eager to share. What are your health goals? Loose a few pounds, ditch diabetes, reverse heart disease? Or is it staying on top of your game - energy, clear head, perform well in the sack and on the track? Whatever your goals of stage of life What 2 Eat offers you and yours optimal health and wellness through foods that are delicious, satisfying and nutritious.

Solid Science Supporting Wise Traditions

Everything here is free but more importantly it's right. What 2 Eat is not about selling product or agenda, it's about about our long history of healthy food and all the science that supports our wise culinary traditions. Honoring our DNA, our hard wired built in response to real wholesome natural foods - it helped me achieve my goals and it can work for you and yours too.

your goals achieved

It's all here, everything you need to start today. Every step you take, however big or small - it's a win to be celebrated. Good luck and Godspeed. 

I am here to help, reach out anytime.

Greg Kiger